INNOMOUNT tilt-up mounts

Our key expertise lies in manufacturing and providing beautifully designed, aluminium, lightweight solutions with consistent precision to combine diverse optics with a wide range of weapons. Our range offers a wide portfolio of mounts for day vision optics, thermal imaging and digital technology. The product variety is completed by our three different detachment systems, two of which are only available from us. 

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Fixed mount

This mounting system is the cheapest but also offers little flexibility. It is clamped on using clamping screws. They are tightened using a torque wrench according to the specifications in the assembly instructions. This results in a fixed connection between the mount and the weapon, which cannot be loosened without tools.

An upgrade to “ZERO” is possible at any time.

QD quick detach

The QD quick detach system is equipped with two thumb-operated push buttons, which make it possible to operate the locking levers that are recessed to protect against unintentional opening. The advantage lies in the simple and fast operation without any tools. After attaching and detaching the mount, consistent precision is guaranteed if the base is properly adjusted and level on the weapon.

ZERO quick detach

Our all-rounder is the ZERO quick detach! It offers the most advantages in every respect in terms of easy handling without any tools, consistent precision and elegant design. The built-in torque lock guarantees a constant clamping force, even when using different weapons with the same bases, whose tolerances are adjusted by the mechanism. With conventional quick detach mounts, the clamping forces previously had to be adjusted manually to the different weapons using tools. With the ZERO, this works without any tools at all. All you have to do is select the appropriate optic zeroing profile for the respective weapon. Simply an uncomplicated mount in a modern design.


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