INNOOPTIC fusion technology

The fusion devices we offer are the perfect companions for those who want the benefits of night vision and thermal imaging in one device. 

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  • Picture in picture mode (night vision large image/thermal image on the edge)
  • Possible to display image on different channels 
    • Night vision
    • Thermal image
    • Fusion

Depending on the choice of imaging, the following advantages apply

  • A detailed image without any time delay allows you to see precise details in colour during the day, and in shades of green or black and white at night
  • Possible to target trophy animals at night and detect branches and obstacles
  • Realistic representation 
  • Can also be used during the day
  • Fast detection of heat sources both during the day and at night
  • No additional light necessary in the infrared range
  • Almost weather independent
  • Game is not blinded by IR, making the hunter completely unnoticeable
  • Light weight with long range
  • No disturbing reflection in dense vegetation


  • Somewhat more complex to use due to a number of setting options


With the all-in-one fusion devices, you no longer have to do without digital image displays. Or without night vision or thermal imaging. All in all, an absolute all-rounder that leaves you wanting for nothing.


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