INNOMOUNT tactical mounts

Another type of mount is our tactical mount. These are available in block and flex versions, or in the flex offset version. Here too, we use two tried and tested fixed and quick detach systems. In addition to the high clamping forces, the quick detach tactical mount offers the advantage that lever locks are easy to operate even when wearing gloves. 

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In the tactical block mount, the base body including the ring base is made from a high-strength aluminum block. The block mounts are available in different heights and in ring sizes of 30mm or 34mm, as well as with or without pre-tilt. Additionally, ring tops with universal interfaces are available.


ØConstruction heightPre-tiltQuick Release MountingFixed Mounting
3018 60-30-18-00-20063-30-18-00-200
3023 60-30-23-00-20063-30-23-00-200
301820 MOA60-30-18-00-200-20MOA63-30-18-00-200-20MOA
302320 MOA60-30-23-00-200-20MOA63-30-23-00-200-20MOA
3416 60-34-16-00-20063-34-16-00-200
3421 60-34-21-00-20063-34-21-00-200
341620 MOA60-34-16-00-200-20MOA-
342120 MOA60-34-21-00-200-20MOA63-34-21-00-200-20MOA


The main difference between our patented tactical flex mount and the tactical block mount is its design. Here, the ring bases are screwed onto the base body. Depending on the variant and ring position, it is possible to switch between a pre-tilt of 0 MOA and 20 MOA, or 20 MOA and 40 MOA. An offset variant for ring and rail lenses is also available. This ensures an offset of 50 mm.


ØConstruction heightPre-tiltOrder number 
Quick Release Mounting (QD)
Order number  
Fixed Mounting (FM)
30230 - 20MOA64-30-23-00-200-20MOA65-30-23-00-200-20MOA
302320 - 40MOA64-30-23-00-200-40MOA65-30-23-00-200-40MOA
34210 - 20MOA64-34-21-00-200-20MOA65-34-21-00-200-20MOA
342120 - 40MOA64-34-21-00-200-40MOA65-34-21-00-200-40MOA


Ø / RailConstruction heightPre-tiltOrder number  
Quick Release Mounting (QD)
Order number  
Fixed Mounting (FM)
30340 - 20MOA64-30-34-50-200-20MOA65-30-34-50-200-20MOA
34320 - 20MOA64-34-32-50-200-20MOA65-34-32-50-200-20MOA


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