INNOOPTIC digital night vision technology

We offer a good selection of night vision devices in the form of premounted devices and attachments.

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How digital night vision technology works

The night vision devices we offer are limited to digital technology. This makes residual light or infrared light visible through an image sensor. Digital night vision devices have the advantage that they can be used day and night. In complete darkness, the use of artificial light sources such as infrared lamps is necessary.


  • A detailed image without any time delay allows you to see precise details in colour during the day, and in shades of green or black and white at night 
  • Possible to target trophy animals at night and detect branches and obstacles
  • Realistic representation 
  • Can also be used during the day


  • Cross fading when the infrared lamp is used due to heavy rain, fog or snow as well as obstacles protruding into the field of vision


If you are looking for a device for precise targeting or want to use an inexpensive premounted device or attachment, a digital night vision device is a good choice.


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