What really matters when it comes to scope mounts

The scope mount – a key element for precise shooting.

Discussions among hunters often revolve around the best ammunition, the perfect rifle and the right optics. However, the importance of the scope mount is often underestimated, even though this is crucial for a precise shot in compliance with the hunting principles. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate scope mount should not be neglected under any circumstances. In this article you will learn what is important when it comes to the scope mount!

Why a good scope mount in important

A good scope mount is essential for successful shooting. It ensures that the scope can be mounted on the rifle in a stable, precise, safe manner with consistent precision. A faulty mount due to design or manufacturing leads to the immediate or long-term misalignment of the point of impact, which can not only be frustrating but also dangerous.


What matters when choosing a scope mount 

Factors that need to be considered when choosing the right scope mount include the design of the scope, for example, is it mounted on the main tube or is it mounted using clamps in inner rails. At the same time though, the other decisive factor is the mounting point on the weapon. This is usually already incorporated in systems or in the weapons’ barrels or can be solved by mounting other bases or rails. Once the adaptive conditions have been clarified, you just have to choose the right height and length. This must ensure that the shooter can easily reach the visual axis and eye distance to the scope’s lens. The height of the mount also determines, among other things, the distance of the lens from the barrel, which is extremely important in the event of large recoil forces, the use of silencers and premounted optics.

Thorough research or expert advice before buying a scope mount can help ensure your next shot is successful.


The different types of mounts and their advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a scope mount, it is important to know about the different types of mounts and their advantages and disadvantages. Fixed and quick detach mounts are the two most common types of mounts on the market.

A fixed mount is cheap, robust and reliable, but it has the disadvantage that it cannot be detached quickly without any tools. With a fixed mount, the clamping jaws are pressed onto the weapon base using screws.

A quick detach mount (QS/ZERO) offers more flexibility. This can be detached and reattached in seconds without any tools. With the QD variant, the clamping force has to be adjusted to the weapon being used once using a tool. But then it can be attached and detached again at any time without any tools. A professionally designed and attached mount makes consistent precision possible once these adjustments have been made.

The “ZERO” variant offers the same advantages as a QD (quick detach) mount, except that it also offers the advantage that you do not have to adjust it to the respective base on the weapon. Due to the integrated torque function, the ZERO variant allows for multiple use on different weapons, as it is also able to compensate for the tolerances of the mounting point on the weapon. This feature is particularly useful when using optics with point of impact memory, or when using ballistic turrets for elevation and lateral adjustment.

Example: I am using two weapons with the same bases and also a thermal imaging device with point of impact memory. With the ZERO quick detach mount, I now have the option of zeroing my optics set-up (scope and premounted device or aiming device) both on weapon A with zeroing profile A and on weapon B with zeroing profile B. This allows me to switch the mount including set-up between weapon A and B and I only have to select the correct zeroing profile in the device for the respective weapon. It is no longer necessary to adjust the bases’ tolerances by changing a setting on the mount.


Accurate fit: How important is an accurate fit between the weapon and mount?

An accurate fit between the weapon and mount is a crucial factor for precision when shooting. Insufficient tolerances, excessive contact pressures or uneven, corresponding surfaces lead to tension and connections with backlash, which cannot guarantee consistent and long-term precision. When choosing the right scope mount, it is therefore important to pay careful attention to compatibility with your own weapon and to trust manufacturers who have sufficient experience in terms of design, the selection of materials and in the choice of appropriate manufacturing technologies.

We offer mounts that are perfectly matched to defined mounting points on weapons. It is definitely worth letting us advise you before you decide on your purchase. We work with you to determine the best possible solution for your personal needs.



To summarise, choosing the right scope mount is extremely important for successful hunting and shooting sports. It is essential to know about the different types of mounts and their advantages and disadvantages in order to choose the best option for your personal needs. The material and quality of the mount must not be ignored, as it can have a huge influence on the precision of the scope and weapon. An in-depth consultation can help you find the right product and therefore achieve the best result. You are welcome to contact us for a personal consultation.


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